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The Exciting and Magical World of Gemstones!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

To Live a Life!

Everybody hopes for Better Luck and Greater Wealth. These are desires that are never enough. Everyone is so busy with our never-ending struggle in our daily work, trying to make ends meet, putting bread on the table for the family, studying hard for better results. Who won't be delighted to get a lucky break from this stressful and fast-moving world? It is only human to hope for that tad bit of magic to improve our daily lives effortlessly. To have a break and enjoy life for what it is really meant to be. To live a life!

Hand holding a raw amethyst with other type of crystal in the background

Gemstones & Treasures

Well, sad to say that there is no real magic in real life, but what we have are the exquisite crystals, minerals, and beautiful gemstones harvested worldwide. A fantastic gift from mother earth. Many believe that energy is within these natural gemstones, only waiting to be harvested and discovered. One thinks that it can bring good energy and luck to its owner. These gemstones not only looks great, but it is also most ideal as a fashion accessory. Giving its wearer positive energy.

So how can we tap on these energies to help improve our luck and wealth? First, learn the different properties of each gemstone and see what fits you the best. Now prepare to enter this exciting and magical world of gemstones.


This is called the money stone for a good reason. The crystal stone helps clarify your mind when thinking about wealth, and powers your brain to make the right choices. This stone increases willpower, well-being, and vitality. If you are after good luck in your money making activities.


This natural gem looks like gold and it has come to symbolize money, prosperity and good luck. Its radiating looks reflect those of the sun, and it connects you to the revitalizing energies of the sun. By wearing Pyrite jewelry, you will increase the power of the third solar Chakra and vitality. When in contact with your skin, the stone gives a zest for life, which is important when making decisions.


This is one of the most popular crystals for making alternative jewelry. However, you might not know that for a long time, people in areas where the stone originates, have always associated it with good luck. This gem brings harmony and restores balance in the toughest of situations. By connecting your intuition and inner voice, the stone boosts your decision-making process and inspires you to move on with vitality.

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