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Heimu Gems & Treasures

Main Beads: Raja Kayu Wood 15mm / Bian Stone 15mm

Partition Beads: Wood 2x10mm

Logo Bead: Brown Enamel on Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver


All our gemstones are hand-picked and are of its best quality.

Bracelets are handcrafted with premium materials. Quality is assured.

Raja Kayu Wood & Bian Stone Bracelet

SKU: H5191
$315.00 Regular Price
$283.50Sale Price
  • Raja Kayu (also called King of Wood) provides the most powerful protection to ward off negative energies. Raja Kayu wood also has these healing properties: body aches and pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects on skin, stress relief, relaxing tense muscle, heals body and mind, increases good vibes.


    Bian Stone is a healing stone (also called Needle Stone). It contains a very unique energy field that has a very wide infrared radiation spectrum compared with other materials used in infrared therapy. It can improve blood circulation, and its vibratile energy can heat the internal organs, reduce toxin and heavy metals, and cellulite. It can also deliver skin cleansing and rejuvenation.

Size Guide Chart to show how to do proper measurements
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