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Heimu Gems & Treasures Multiple Bead Bracelets and Bowls Top View


providing the finest quality custom luxury wrist wear

Up to 30% Off

Golden Bead & Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet


Exquisitely Crafted

Brown Enamel with Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver

Silver Bead  & Sand Dust Bracelet


Exquisitely Crafted

Black Enamel on 925 Sterling Silver

Heimu Gems & Treasures Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet
Heimu Hematite and Tiger Eye Bracelets
Heimu Gems & Treasures Raja Kayu Wood Bracelet


for that amazing you

Heimu Azurite Pendant
Heimu Flower Jasper Pendant with Silver lining
Heimu Rhodochrosite 2 Colour Pendant
Heimu Gems & Treasures Man standing on top of the mountain


We started as an antique dealer and has been designing jewelry for many years. We fully understand the uniqueness of each and every precious gem. Now we have dedicated ourselves to provide only the finest quality custom luxury wrist wear that will not only compliment your style but enhance your taste. It will be the perfect combination in your everyday life.


All our precious gems are carefully hand picked from around the world. Each and every one of them has a story to tell and we are here to share them with you. From stone, wood, shell, glass, crystal to metal. Our superior craftsmanship and design blend each of them nicely to suit the wearer. Unique pieces that cannot be mass produced. Each has its own special properties, it is said to believe that it will improve the wearer’s luck, wealth and health. Take on the world in style and all its goodness it has to offer!

Heimu Gems & Treasures Turquoise & Hematite Bracelet
Heimu Gems & Treasures Lapis Lazuli & Hematite Bead Bracelet
Heimu Gems & Treasures Howlite Bead Bracelet
Heimu Multiple Bead Bracelets

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